Tuesday, April 14, 2015


About a week ago, I said I was going to blog about Easter... and grace. Now it's been a week. But I've gotten everything settled to where I can sit and focus. 

We hear about "grace" all the time. Everyone knows the song "Amazing Grace".... my sister's middle name is Grace... I love this old choir song called "Your Grace Still Amazes Me." But what is grace? There's the action of being graceful... which I am definitely not. The 2-3 constant bruises on my body will easily tell you that. There's also the reference to women. She exhibits grace.... that kind of inner beauty or perfection of some sorts. But I don't think either of those actually have to do with God's grace. 

Here are a couple examples of what I think grace is... on an increasing scale. 

Grace is when... my student comes in the day the project is due and says, "Mrs. Sheridan... I stayed up until midnight working on the project.. and I was about to print it off when my computer died and I lost everything. Can I please turn it in tomorrow?".... and my response is "Yes, bring it to me when you complete it. I would like your best effort to show you have covered the objective."
This is the example our pastor used on Easter weekend that has stuck with me. Grace is when... you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding. "Uh, hi officer! Yes.. I know I was speeding. I was busy jamming out to Taylor Swift and I lost track of my speed. I apologize."..... and the officer responds, "It's a beautiful day to jam out... please be more mindful of your speed. Have a nice day and shake it off!" I mean, I added in the Taylor Swift part, but that is grace right there!

Grace is when... you are diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma... and you are allowed to use a brand new, barely FDA approved drug that only works in 30% of cases.... but in 8 months you're declared in remission. 

All of these seem like no brainers right? Of course I would accept the extension on the project, of course I do not want a ticket, of course I will try anything to live a longer life. 

Now let's compare this to God... he has offered us grace. We will never live up to him for he is righteous. We are going to continue to be sinners. I think of my most annoying student and showing them grace every day when they mess up.. I couldn't do it. And yet God still offers us grace and life. Every. Single. Time. 

Your Grace still amazes me,
Your love is still a mystery
Each day, I fall on my knees
Your Grace still amazes me

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