Monday, April 6, 2015


This weekend was scramily's first Easter together.

The blonde has 5 marvelous roommates at her house in Waco and I love them all. Shoutout Krossing. One of those roommates is from Minnesota... so while her family is totally cool and they all love Baylor.. she doesn't go home quite as often as my sister who lives 2 hours away from home. This last semester, Sammie's parents could not make it down for Kappa's parents day and she jokingly asked me and Duck Dude to come be her parents. We highly considered it... and while we didn't go, we've been calling ourselves her parents ever since.
Awkward Family Photo
She's basically like our practice child. Except she's already in college.

She got to come over to the Waid's annnd the Easter bunny even visited her! That cool Easter Bunny!

For some reason, Duck Dude calls Sammie... Scrammie.. and she calls Duck Dude Scravis. And so when I instagrammed our family picture.. it was our first scramily picture. Hopefully, it won't be our last!

Our Easter was marvelous. And it started off with a beautiful wedding on Friday night! We danced the night away with some of our best friends! And the bride was beautiful!!!

I had too much to say today.. so I will give a recap of our Easter service tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday!

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