Monday, April 27, 2015

Baylor and 25,550 Days

This weekend, I spent my time in glorious Waco with my wonderful blonde sister!

I have no idea how she is graduating in 3 weeks.... I just graduated Baylor last year.... and my red head is still a freshman.        .............     No? I'm actually way older? My red head has already graduated and moved twice since graduation?? That's so weird.

Anyway. We were excellent Baylor fans all weekend long. We spent our time at baseball games, tennis matches, or hanging out with the baseball boys... or the tennis boys. (Not much different than my own time at Baylor!)

Friday night we went to the baseball game. I snapped this picture and captioned it "home sweet home"...

It was a nice night until right around 8:41 when the lightening came in. And at approximately 8:46 the rain started pouring down! We were stuck underneath the baseball corridor.. while it monsoon-ed and thundered and one of the baseball moms asked us, "Have y'all ever been in a hurricane?" in all her southern twang.

Good news was Saturday was perfect! A high of 90 degrees and a little hot.. Imagine a perfect Baylor day showing some high schoolers around the campus... telling them 8,976 reasons they should come to Baylor, and saying, "look at these cute baseball boys... they could be your friends." I am not above bribery. at. all.

Then Sunday was brunch at a Waco favorite, more tennis, and seeing my dad who was working the baseball game!

 I didn't have time to stay for the baseball game though, because I had to get back for Nannie and Pawpaw's 70th ANNIVERSARY party!!!! Not birthday.... wedding anniversary!! They have been married for SEVENTY YEARS!!!!!

The most intriguing thing I learned last night was that they had a secret code formed between them... they thought of it before they left and each had a copy of it. They knew the government would be reading their mail and knew he couldn't divulge the information of where he was going. So, they had different sayings for different locations. If he was going to Hawaii, he would say, "Tell so and so I am ready for that fishing trip." If he was going to Japan he would say, "Tell so and so I want to eat ice cream" and if there was nothing going on and he was staying where he was he would say, "Darling, I'd rather not have that watch fixed." .... I think it's brilliant, and they are obviously brilliant for making a marriage last 70 years.

Because I'm a math nerd. They have been married 25, 550 days. Travis and I have been married for 50 days. We have been married 0.19% as long as them. 70 years for me and Duck Dude would be March 7th, 2085. Travis would be 98 and I would be 96.

Happy Monday!!

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