Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Our Rehearsal Dinner

Our rehearsal dinner was really just a dinner. We did about a 10 minute rehearsal, since we were not rehearsing at our venue. I wanted "partners" to meet and to have a general idea of what order they were in. I wanted the girls to know they would be walking in with the boys, and I wanted everyone to meet my uncle who would be performing the ceremony.

After that was complete, it was a true fellowship. Talking and eating. Two of my favorite things! I had such a good time getting to hang out with my family and my newest family. I am so grateful for all of the family I have... and while the night was technically celebrating Travis and me.. it was the most perfect example of family.

We held it at a venue that was 1 mile from our house. My mother-in-law decorated it with the cutest ducks and centerpieces ever, and the in-house catering was splendid.
Cousins from my side
With Nannie and Pawpaw

And then, came the speeches. My sisters made a top 10 list of reasons they knew Travis was "the one". One of the reasons being, I was staying up later than my normal bed time of 9 o'clock.. another being that I was open to cheering for those Aggies! Duck Dude's best man, Jimbo, gave a beautiful speech about their lifelong friendship!

Then it was Duck Dude's dad's turn. He told us there was going to be a little competition. So, my next step was the only logical thing to do..... I took my heels off. 

Duck Dude's dad went behind a little partition. Duck Dude whispered to me, "I bet he's changing."..... I said... "I hear something." 

When he came out he gave us a rope and told us to make a circle. Then he put a red dot in the center. He told us we were playing for honeymoon money and whosever game piece made it out of the circle first would win the money.  And then he gave us a bag and said, "GO!" 

"My bag is MOVING!!!" we both yelled, as we tried to pull our game pieces out! They were little ducklings!!!!!

I tried some cow herding strategies to get my duckling out of the circle... Duck Dude grabbed some bread and started trying to entice it with food. He's always been down for some bribery. Duck Dude won the first round.. but mine had a mohawk/teased hair and was prettier.. so it was pretty much a tie.

We tried again, but the ducklings just stayed in the middle terrified of all the people trying to yell at them. It was the funniest thing in the entire world and I love that I can say I had duck races at our rehearsal dinner!! 

Unfortunately, no one took any pictures during the races because we were all too involved in "politely encouraging" the ducklings to MOVE!!! (I really wanted to insert a quote from My Fair Lady.. if you know which one you get 50 bonus points)

And that's how we wrapped up our rehearsal dinner. Duck Dude and ducklings the night before I, officially, became Mrs. Duck Dude. 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a FUN rehearsal dinner!! Your families sound awesome, and the speeches sound so perfect. We didn't even think to do speeches at ours haha!

    1. That might be a Texas thing? I'm not really sure... but I really enjoyed doing the speeches that night and getting to intently listen!

  2. This sounds like such a fun wedding rehearsal dinner! Because we have family flying from all over, we are doing a small rehearsal followed by a dinner at our in-laws. My mom and I are cooking them some Puerto Rican food. I love cooking so this will be my way of relaxing. ;)

    1. I think relaxing is key! We were in such a rush to get there and once we did.. I totally just settled down and it was awesome! Puerto Rican food sounds like an awesome rehearsal dinner!!