Friday, April 17, 2015

Bonus Point Friday

On Wednesday, I assigned bonus points to my red head for knowing a My Fair Lady. Today, on this wonderful Friday, I want to assign more bonus points... because I can. 
These bonus points are not eligible for redemption at Dave and Busters.
..... or at Hogwarts. These are not Gryffindor points. They are completely different.

100 bonus points to my STAAR review this week. My kids have been engaged and it's been a relatively easy week for me. Hollaaaa.

21 bonus points to my first class of students who are now juniors. They dominated the seniors in Powderpuff last night and it was SO fun to watch!!

-1 billion points to standardized testing and senate bill 893 that would base teacher's salaries off of the one stupid test.

 3 points to the 3 pairs of scissors that have lasted in my classroom. I don't know how y'all have survived... but I am glad that you have.

2 BIG bonus points to the Loft outlet. I walked in while they were having a "buy one get one free" on shorts! I walked out with two pairs of shorts for $50..... and two shirts from clearance. 

100 bonus points to date nights!!! Duck Dude is finally back in town and I cannot wait to go on a date with him tonight!!!!!

49 points to school. Because there are 49 days until school is out and I am officially summer-ing it up!!!!!

50 bonus points to my newest sister and Naked Nick . In 50 days they will be living 0.8 miles from us and we can officially summer it up TOGETHER!!!!!

100 bonus points to all the parents I emailed this week telling you your child was failing. No one got mad at me and everyone was mad at their child. That does not normally happen and I am thankful.

6 bonus points to my hair.. because it's been six long weeks in between my hair appts and I am starting to look like a old, gray lady. Monday at 5 could not get here any faster. 

1000 points to Baylor. Because bears. 

And a bajillion bonus points to FRIDAY!!!!!! You are so grand for coming around again. 

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