Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weeee Went For a WaLk!!!!!!!!

Hellooooo. HI!!!!! Hola. Good day. Ball!!

I'm Koal. And my human mom is busy trying to help admin get ready for some tests. 
SO. SHE. LET. ME. TAKE. OVER!!!!!!! 

My human dad is out of town this week and so it's just GIRL TIME!! And yesterday, we went for WaLk. A wAlK! A. WALK!!!! And mom didn't even make me stay on the leash because it was still wet and muddy so no one else was around! And it was awesome!!!!

See? Look how I good I did when we started! Just ready to go! Posing with greenery for mom. Maybe if I do a realllllly good job right now, she won't make me take as many pictures!!!!

Then mom stopped for like 2 minutes and 13 seconds while she tried to take a picture of this cardinal... but it kept flying to a different branch and she just stood there patiently while I ran about 50 feet ahead and then 50 feet back and then 50 feet ahead (because I thought she would follow) and then I had to go back AGAIN and get her. 

Then, we broke freeeee in the clearing and I ran like the wind... like, seriously, the. wind. I'm not even sure how the wind kept up with me. I might have broken the sound barrier. Or tied Usain Bolt. Or maybe, Dad. He's super fast too. I can't even..

Next up in our adventure was the ROARING RAPIDS!!! It's normally a tiny little stream.. but with the flash flood... you could white water raft in that thing. Mom wouldn't let me go down there. And so I said ONWARD!

At this point, I'd done more running than mom has done all of her life. She's a great walker though, don't misunderstand. And she made me stop so she could make fun of the foam forming at my mouth... I just told her that happens when you become the wind. You can't be responsible for bodily functions. 

Then I did my business in the bushes. Because dad taught me to go in the bushes. Dad teaches me a lot of things because most days we just hang out together. I can't believe mom took a picture.. she is SO embarrassing. Like I said, not responsible for bodily functions.

Right after I finished... I saw it. The water. I LOVEEE WATER!!!!!!!!! And I went straight for it because mom was busy laughing at the pooping picture. I was SO close to the water when mom yelled NOOO. And I stopped. Then mom tormented me with a picture by the fountain in the pond. Mom, I already took a pretty picture. But fine, I'll give you my look to the side model face. Dad taught me that too. 

 Then, finally, mom let me have a little bit of fun and roam back in the woods while she explored with me!! We ran into some 12 year olds and mom said I couldn't stay and play. And then I found the edge of a gigantic cliff... like 10 feet tall. But I totally would have jumped off it had mom not been there. I would have. You wouldn't have even had to double dog dare me.  HA! Because, I'm a dog, duh.

Open mouth selfie? So cliche mom. But, ok! Click.

 Then we came across a fallen tree and mom told me alllllllll about how if the cousins were here they'd be excited because we could cross the river without using the grappling hook. 

Sometimes her stories go on forever!!!!!!! 

But I didn't care because, Weeeeeee WENT for a WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is so cute! Heaven knows I already talk for my dog enough, so giving them a blog post is such a good idea!

    1. Ha right? I think we talk more in our dog voice than anything!! She has a very specific voice, obviously! :)

  2. That tongue- oh so adorable (sans foam though)

    1. haha she is so funny!!! She had to have known I was solely taking a picture of her to make fun of the foam!!!