Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insta-Staph Ed. 2

I could be blogging about wedding Wednesday. But I'm not. Because I would much rather bring you a second edition of one of my brilliant disgusting posts instead. Because I know you all want to read about my staph infection again right before you eat a whole bunch of marvelous food. 
My body is apparently a wonderful host. So here's the second edition of how to caption your own personal nasty infections. 

Insta-staph Happy Friendsgiving Staphgiving

Insta-staph Staph light staph bright, the first staph I see tonight. #Fourseasonsofstaph

Insta-staph All. Winter. Staph. Everything. 

Insta-staph Chunky staph for the win

Insta-staph When life gives you macaroons staph, take pictures with them.

Insta-staph Staph's all here. 
Insta-staph I am in love with this gorgeous centerpiece staph.

Insta-staph All staph everything. #fourseasonsofstaph

Insta-staph Ohhhh yaaaaaah.... my staph.

Insta-staph A staph does not think of competing with the staph next to it. It just blooms.

So much glorious-ness all in one post. No worries though, I'm on antibiotics. Again. For the third time. I'll be thankful when the staph finally goes away for good. 

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