Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First Things Off the Truck..

And by truck.. I probably mean cousins (yes, y'all!) and Duck Dude's truck because we live in Texas and I would love to move all of my belongings without paying for a U-haul truck!

Some of these are obvious and some are not so obvious! But these are my list of things that need to come off the truck ASAP, first, absolutely the last things loaded and the first things off. 

1. Keurig. Because coffee. 

I have a very nice Keurig that I got as an apartment warming present. It's seriously a life changer and Duck Dude has already mentioned that he is excited to have it in our home! Let's also face it... I'm moving my stuff the week after Christmas, and if the weather is anything like today (see yesterday's post) then I will need coffee. Stat. 

2. Bucket 'O Blankets

I have a couple.. a few... an absurd amount of blankets. I love them each equally and they are all coming. Sometimes I need my Baylor blanket or my other Baylor blanket. Sometimes I need my fuzzy blanket. Sometimes I need my Delta Waterfowl blanket. Sometimes I need my quilt throw. Sometimes I need my Mavericks blanket.You never know which blanket you need, which is why you neeed them all. 

3. Vase of Fake Flowers

I bought this vase from Home Goods when I was moving into my new apartment. I was shopping with Bridesmaid Julie and then we picked out flowers from Hobby Lobby and I just love it. It greets me every morning in my bathroom with it's bright colors and it's whimsical little peacock feather to top it all off. It signifies the time in my life when I was out on my very own for the very first time. I think back to the day I bought this and realize how much I have grown in these last 3 1/2 years in my apartment. It was one of the first things I mentioned to Duck Dude when we talked about what would be making the trip to his house. This vase. 

4. Brita Pitcher

Something I should have bought way before I did. I love this yellow brita pitcher. It's so shiny and bright and the only color I wanted when I started looking at brita pitchers. Cold water out of this pitcher is so refreshing. It's the only water I'll drink without ice in it. And obviously water will be needed during the move! And something has to balance out the coffee!!

5. Jewlery Organizer

Because it only spent 8 months on my kitchen table. And something that took that long deserves to be in the house... and not in the closet where it can't be seen (ahem, Duck Dude)!! I need to get a couple more nails to hang up bracelets on that right side, but I still love it as much as I thought I would. So that's always good! 

Have you ever thought about what would be the first things you would unload if you had to move? 

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