Friday, November 21, 2014

I Made It!!!

I made it!!! I Made it to Thanksgiving Break without taking an entire day off for pleasure this school year!!! And now, I get to enjoy an entire week off! I don't have any double date duck hunt planned... and we're not going glamping... But here's what I plan on doing.

    -   An entire week to wedding plan!!! Cake testing appointments, florist appointments, figuring out what the heck Duck Dude is actually gonna wear appointments

    -   An entire week to put off packing!! Just kidding... kind of. I really do plan on packing some of the little things up... like what's above my kitchen counters. All of that can go to Travis'. And my book shelves. Let's be honest, I'm probably not gonna have a ton of time for reading in the next couple of months. 

    -   An entire week to decorate Duck Dude's our house in Christmas decorations.. I'm playing Christmas music in my classroom allllll day today. I just can't help it. I love it so much. I've missed my Dash reindeer.. and my joy, hope, and peace bottles... and I love the stair case being decorated in garland and burlap... and I discovered a nail in the brick above the garage and I'm reallllly excited because Duck Dude agreed to have a wreath hanging there!!!

    -   An entire week of balancing eating and working out! A reasonable expectation... I think! I'm down two pounds. Which is a start.. not a huge start.. but I want to at least maintain during the week. 

    -   An entire week to spend with my families.. original and new. I feel so grateful to love my families and I am so thankful for an entire week to hang out with them! They are definitely the coolest people in the world!! So I love Thanksgiving for that reason alone. 

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!

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