Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving: 100 Days

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 
I'm not gonna bore you with an entire post of everything I am thankful for..... because I have to eat a lot of food today and that takes mental preparation. So, I'm only giving you one thing!!!
I am so, so, SO very thankful that............
It is 100 days until I marry this guy!!!!
Seriously, one hundred. Tomorrow it will be ninety-nine (I know, I'm a math teacher, I can't help it)... but it will be double digits instead of triple digits and that basically means the wedding is tomorrow!!!! Or something like that. 
I am mainly thankful that he puts up with me through wedding planning - more to come on that later.
I am thankful that he loves me and allows me to love him.
I am thankful for our families that have supported us, as a couple.
I am thankful for our lives together, currently, and I am so excited for our future.  

From us to you: Eat a lot of food, enjoy your loved ones, and be thankful.

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