Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Makeshift Outfit

My anticipated schedule for yesterday afternoon was to be as follows. 
  • Finish practice
  • Go to my apt, pack a quick bag of things for the weekend
  • Go to Travis' and play with Koal girl
  • Meet a teacher friend to do some planning
But as Duck Dude and I are quickly learning... there's always something when you own a house. So, when he texted me yesterday morning and said, "There is no heat downstairs" I was like uhhh, great. Koal girl was freezing and I was gonna have to deal with the maintenance man.... the girl who asked a cop the first time I was pulled over for having a head light out -- "What's a head light?" Maintenance isn't my strong suit. So Duck Dude tells me the maintenance man is coming between 4 and 5. So I tell the other basketball coach I cannot stay for practice and have to go to my new home. 

My new schedule. 
  • Leave school 10 minutes before to miss traffic. Drive to Duck Dude's house
  • Meet maintenance man, let him do his thing
  • Teacher friend graciously agreed to come to Duck Dude's house instead so we could plan while maintenance man worked
  • Eat dinner with teacher friend
  • Drive back to my apt to pack a bag
Therein lies the problem. Maintenance man did not show up until 7 pm. SEVEN. So, I missed practice for nothing. We didn't go to dinner until 8:30 and we finished dinner at 9:30. Driving to my apt and back would have taken another 50 minutes of driving alone. So, I made the decision I would go by my apt in the morning. 

Until I got back to Duck Dude's house and remembered I had clothes in the laundry room that I had left the last time he was out of town and I was housesitting. I found my orange pants and thought to myself.... could I make an outfit? Because if I could, I could sleep 20 minutes longer and sleep is good.

I dug through my athletic bag, because I consistently leave things in there. And found a sweater I wore last Friday. Hmmm. Wearing the same sweater less than a week later? I'd have to change it up.... Cue: Duck Dude's closet. Uh huh. I'm wearing Duck Dude's clothes today... and I didn't even tell him. I thought it would be funnier if he found out when he was reading this. Columbia vests can be unisex, right? Oh, and I'm wearing his socks too. And I wore a tshirt for athletics this morning. Annnnd a jacket. Because. It's. Still. COLD. So, thanks babe. For letting me wear your clothes that you didn't know I was wearing. I really appreciate those 20 extra minutes of sleep. 

Our beautiful coaches office
And let's be honest, it's probably not the last time I'm gonna steal articles from "his side" of the closet.

Does this count as a fashion post? 

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