Monday, November 10, 2014

The One "Fall" Weekend

A weekend is always a good weekend when your sun roof stays open the entire time. It's probably like the one "fall" weekend we will get here in Texas.. because tomorrow the polar vortex hits right in time for us to host the cross country meet. Everyone knows Texans don't do well in the cold, so you put some big words like "polar" and "vortex" together and you never know what will happen. 

Have I mentioned my family is a Baylor family? ha. Well on Saturday we decided to wear our slime caps during the Baylor game! Slime caps are a tradition at Baylor! You get them when you are a freshman. They have your graduating year on them and you write your name and hometown on the underside of the bill. Apparently freshman used to actually wear them. Now I think they're just more of a symbol. Heidi helped out Hannah since she's in North Carolina and her cap was still at home. 

Then I followed up the wonderul smashing of OU with hanging out with my college roommate! We continued to watch football and then played catch phrase, because duh.. we're awesome at it!! 

Sunday we brunched it up at The Londoner.... because the Cowboys were playing in London. See what we did there? I ate some really awesome eggs benedict and then I didn't eat anything else the rest of the day because I was so full. 

I went to bed early. I am well rested. And I am ready to tackle this week! 9 days of school until a week of Thanksgiving break! Hooray!

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