Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When I Am Cold..

Confession blog!! I am a sissy when it comes to cold. Remember back when I did that Texas stereotypes that I completely fall under post? Well.... this one probably should have been on it! 

Don't get me wrong. Huge oversize sweaters, fires, Christmas decorations, scarves, and hot apple cider I could marry I love so much!! As long as I don't have to spend extended time periods outside where my heart is freezing second by second. 

As soon as it's under 60 degrees. 

Anywhere I walk.

But of course I bundle up...

And then it snows ..... ices. And I think everything looks like this.

And NO! I do not want to build a snowman!! Because it's cold!!

I just want to be by the fireplace and possibly have it teleport me somewhere.

These are the thoughts I will be thinking as I stand outside in the 42 degree weather during the cross country meet. I will pay my future children to play an inside sport. 

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