Friday, November 14, 2014

Casually Court Side

Last night, the blonde and I got a really awesome opportunity to sit casually court side at the Mavericks game. And we were anything but casual about it. 

Because here were our seats.... My camera isn't even zoomed in!!!!

And then... when they got in the corner.. they were REALLY close to us!! And we were like this the entireee time. 


You see, I have had this healthy obsession with Chandler Parsons ever since he was a senior at Florida and they went to the final four in March Madness. Then I was really excited when he got drafted to the Houston Rockets, because Texas. So, when the Rockets played the Mavericks I told my dad to give him my phone number. I tweeted Chandler on March 27th, 2012 and said, "When the camera man gives you a phone number it's not from him, it's from me." ..... well my dad did not give him my number but he did take a picture of him and send it to me... which I cannot pull up anymore because I uploaded it to twitter from yfrog and I don't know how to get it back. 

Long story short, Chandler Parsons is now on the Mavericks.... and all the old men around us knew it.  He glistens when he sweats and when he bent over right in front of us.. we about died. The best part is he could actually probably hear us. 

Half time we got to go up and see my dad! And that's always fun! We took a selfie and a real picture and I love them both. This is when Caroline made the grave mistake of saying, "I want to be on the dance cam again." She's been on the dance cam before. She did the lick your fingers, slick down your eyebrows, and double finger gun move and she lost to an 8 year old. She wanted redemption y'all. Stay tuned. 

 Oh yeah, we were on tv... and smiled and waved like veterans. 

We had soo much fun with our friends Grumpy Cat Michael and Travis #2. We laughed the entire time, they put up with all of our, "CHANDLERs!!!!!", and we hung out by the practice court after which was pretty sweet. #wannatakeaselfie

But the dance cam was the best part of the entire night. Caroline was primed and ready. Facing the under the basket camera man when I noticed my dad's camera at her. I quickly told her to face toward dad instead. So, when she was on the jumbotron her back was to the camera and everyone missed her epic move. She felt like a failure: "I'm 0-2 on the dance cam. That's so embarrassing." Until the end of the game... when dad texted us and said make sure you check out the final "package" at the end of the game. For those of you not out in the camera world, the jumbo tron camera is completely different than the tv camera. Caroline, in all of her finger-gunning glory, was the last shot of the night.

You're right NBA, you should absolutely copyright that. 

Happy Friday y'all!

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