Thursday, July 10, 2014

That's Insane

Sunday night, Duck Dude and I were looking for a movie to rent from On Demand... we ended up watching The Book Thief and it was fantastic and I was very impressed how close it was to the book... but that's all a moo point. 

At one point we watched the preview for Her, even though Duck Dude had already said he was not going to watch it. During the 3 minute preview there was this quote that stood out to me. I typed it out in my trusty iPhone and settled in to watch precious Liesel's life. 

Then I thought about the quote on Monday, then I thought about it on Tuesday, and by yesterday I decided I would blog about it. 
"Falling in love is kind of like a socially acceptable form of insanity."
I already know it's insane that I am getting married. And I think the quote is completely accurate in stating that it's socially acceptable. We chalk up a lot of things to being in love.  Things like this.

~  In 240 days, I will be moving in and living with a boy... who may or may not have cooties. It's still undetermined. That's insane.

~ I have and will continue to share all of my secrets with this one person. That's insane.

~  I will give up on my dream to date Chandler Parsons and officially let my sister have her shot at him.... even though he just got traded to the Mavericks. That's insane.

~ And my dream of being Jarrod Saltalamacchia's younger, hotter, teacher wife. That's insane.

~  Ok fine, annnd Legolas. But I will not give up my dream of speaking Elvish. That would be really insane.

~  I will give up my last name and all of my monogrammed belongings will no longer be applicable. That's insane. 

~  In 240 days, when my students always call me "Mrs." they will finally be correct!! That's insane.

~  I have a built in movie date, travel partner, wedding date, new restaurant tryer outer, church date, fishing buddy, dress zipper upper, tennis partner, wine tester, bingo partner, shoe picker outer, and support giver for the rest of my life.

All because we fell in love. That's insane.


  1. This is all pretty accurate.. funny how marriage works :)

    1. It is funny, and strange, and insane, all at the same time!! But I am so excited for it!