Thursday, July 3, 2014

NYC Recap

It would actually take forever and a day to try and tell you everything we did in New York/Jersey, so here's a recap in pictures with my big take aways.

1. There are a lot of taxi cabs.

 2. Hoboken is pretty cool.

3. Give my fiancé a statue of liberty hat, and he will act like the statue of liberty.

 4. New York has realllllly small bathrooms.

 5. The real lady Liberty does it better. 

 6. Stone street is cool.

7. New York birthday parties are fun.

 8. The Jersey Shore is actually really beautiful, there are a lot of real Italians there, and the water is really cold.

9. There's a lot of food to eat in New York.

10. We had the time of our lives. Welcome back to Texas Man BFF.

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