Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bridesmaid Melanie

First I’ll start off with a little TBT of Mollie, Julie, and I. I found this gem while looking for pictures of Mollie and I! Ah! Yikes!

I, like the former non sister bridesmaids, have known Mollie since we were kids. Little kids to be exact!  We met at church when we were little, probably at church choir, which we all know she was in it because she was good and I was in it because my mom made me (Mollie tells me I have a good voice…when other people are singing too ha).

You may be thinking, wow Mollie has a lot of friends that she has had since she was little and you would be correct.  That is because she is a genuine and good friend. As I look back on our friendship for the past 25 years I feel extremely blessed, well I actually think about how many ridiculous and hilarious things we did during those years, but then I think about how blessed I am to have a true friend for that long. Those types of friendships are rare, take work, and are worth it. I mean driving out to The Colony in those days was like a day trip!

Even though Mollie and I never went to the same school or even lived in the same town until we were older, we somehow managed to enjoy most “growing up” things together. We knew each others school friends, went to each others school homecomings, attending each others games/school events, went to every church event/activity possible together, attended birthday parties, experienced a lot of firsts, and even got through the tough life stuff together. We also always knew that we wouldn’t go to the same college (she attended Baylor and I went to A&M), but we were never worried about our friendship. It just always was…it was easy…it was fun…it was real life…and it was genuine.
So like the other girls I’ll give ya a few reasons why I love Mollie Marie so very much!
  1. She is the most supportive friend you will ever find. No matter what she is going through, she genuinely cares and is excited for you!
  2. If you know her at all you know that she is a blast to hang out with! She is always the life of the party, ready for whatever, and up for anything!
  3. She, probably more than anybody else, knows those deepest parts of me and we are still friends! That is saying something!
  4. She’s an independent and strong woman! I didn’t know the type of guy that would be able to lead while supporting Mollie. But when I met Duck Dude I knew he was EXACTLY who God had planned for her.  They balance each other out so well.  He loves her strength and allows her to flourish in who she is!
  5. She taught me the joy of being a morning person. The Lindstrom clan would always wake up so early and I would ALWAYS still be sleeping. My how times have changed.
  6. She’s ALWAYS been there for me. From the day I got engaged to my wonderful husband, to the day we got married, to the day I had my daughter, my Mollie Marie has loved and supported me.
  7. We have dance parties and concerts. Yes it’s true I blew out my speakers in my first car thanks to some jam session in high school with Mollie.
  8. Mollie is a really good sleeping buddy. During camps, slumber parties, choir trips, college visits, or birthdays we always ended up sleeping in the same bed or very close to each other. My parents would tell us that we were snuggling when they would wake us up.
  9. Every Christmas we would call each other and tell each other what we got from Santa/parents.  One year she called me and told me SHE GOT A HORSE and from then on no gift has compared for either one of us!
  10. Because she’s my oldest and dearest friend and I’m SUPER excited for her to marry the man of her dreams!

Cheers to you Mollie Marie!

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