Monday, July 21, 2014

Punta Cana 2014

I am not even sure how you recap 7 glorious days in paradise, so I am going to start with this.

What an incredible job my wonderful bridesmaids did last week!!! I was so honored and humbled while reading their posts! I think I cried and laughed out loud in every single one of them. There is so much history with each of them and I think they each captured it perfectly! I was expecting just a little writing, but the pictures, their stories, and their creativeness blew me away! Sidenote: it was really more of a bridesmaid test, good thing they all passed with flying colors juuuust kidding. Bravo girls!! 

Ok. Punta Cana. Easiest way to do this? A list, le duh. Of my favorites. 

1. My favorite meal. 
Fried cauliflower, fried bananas, and mango. Huh? That's not a meal? Welllll, I made it one this night. 
I ate mango as my dessert for every meal. Don't let that fool you, that was the healthiest thing I ate all week. 

2. My favorite lunch spot. 
You get all the hamburgers/hot dogs/french fries from the little hut, then eat lunch on the beach. With that view. It does not even compare to the teacher's lounge.

3. My favorite shark.... and sting ray.
They are my favorites because I got the best pictures of them. What did I do on my birthday? I swam with sharks and sting rays. The thought process kind of went like this! Sweet, there's a shark. (Then the sharks would swim right below you) Ohhhh crap, that's a shark. 

4. My favorite door in the whole resort.
Oh yeah, I had my 26th birthday while we there and after we got back from swimming with sharks I was greeted with this lovely door and a room fullll of balloons. It was pretty cool. 

5. My favorite tree.
One day we went out exploring and this tree had names all carved in it. So we, obviously, had to add our couple nicknames. Lick and Trollie are forever in Punta Cana and I love it a whole lot. 

6. My favorite beach. 
There were always so many things to watch. Parasailing, catamarans, fishing boats coming in and out.  The weather was ideal and the beach breeze was perfection.

7. My favorite fiancé.
I've got that left hand on his chest pose down to a science. It doesn't hurt that my good side is my left side! To which he always asks, "do you want your good side?" 

8. My favorite vacation.
There is nothing I would change, except to go back and do it all over again. On repeat. 

Adios amigos. 

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