Friday, July 25, 2014

Back to the Beach

Apparently when you're a world traveler and you're out of the country on your birthday and you haven't seen your dad since he bought that big white dress (thanks dad!), he doesn't like it very much. Fair, dad, fair. So, I put my packing on hold and headed out to hang out with my daddy-o for a little bit! See! 

Speaking of world traveler... I was back on a jet plane yesterday!! That's right, I pre-wrote this post. Wowzers. This weekend, I am at the beach! Mostly because I am not tan enough.... I kid, I kid. It is a very much better reason than that! It is a reason that made me do all of my laundry from Punta Cana in ONE day. That never happens. It's Bridesmaid Julie's... remember her??... It's her bachelorette party!!!! If you don't believe check out this invitation... one of the most awesome bachelorette invitations I've ever gotten!!

Told you. One of my biggest dilemmas while I was packing was which beach towel to bring with me. The super cute chevron monogrammed one...... or the Spiderman one. Yes.. of course.. I went with Spidey. Nothing says party like a Spiderman towel. 

I'm off to spin a web of fun......... see what I did there?

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