Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bridesmaid Julie

Bridesmaid Number 3 reporting for duty..

When Ollzer (Yes, that is what I call her!) called to ask if I (Hoo-ha) would blog about our friendship - the first thing I thought was, I don’t know where to begin. I have known Ollz for her entire life… No Joke since 1998! So, when she asked to introduce myself and talk about our best times and memories, I wanted to say “or not”, but here it goes.
Ollz has been my best friend since I can remember. We have grown up in the same church our whole lives and the rest is history! =) She is the kind of friend that I can call to tell a joke to, to cry to, and to vent to. Ollz gives me her honest opinion even when I don’t want it. She is sometimes like a second mom and I feel I her mom too. She is the reasoning in my head and the joy in a laugh… Ollz makes me a better person! Trav (Duke Dude) is honestly a very lucky man and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for their future…. (And yes she told me she loved you WAY before she ever told you!) See… March 23, 2013!! And yes, I saved it as a photo just like any bestie would do, right?

I was going to be cute and funny, but I wanted to give you an idea of the amazing friendship Mollie and I have, who we are together, and so here it goes! All our randomness:

Our Past Time – Church Mission Trips: Ollz and I were in the church high school choir (with her two sisters, Melanie, and Kristen.) We went all over the States: New York our Freshman year of high school, Minnesota for our Sophomore, New Orleans for our Junior and Seattle for our Senior year!
These pictures our from our Senior trip: we saw fireworks over the water (Ollz favorite holiday!), got to go to the flight museum and go into a B 17 which was used in WW2 which both of our grandfathers were in, see the beautiful waterfalls, and sing/praise God. 

Our Favorite Sport - BASEBALL Ollz and I have an amazing relationship especially when sporting events are on and we are together. We know most players backgrounds, argue over plays, and get annoyed when someone ask simple questions that EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW. She was never opposed to going on a roadtrip to watch my brother play baseball or to go see the Rangers… We have also been to the old Mets stadium, Minnesota Twins, and Seattle Mariners together! =) 

But we do love our Mavs! 

College Graduations: We went to two Texas school: Baylor and Texas State. It was different being away from Mollie for 4 years, but every time we spoke or saw each other, we picked up where we left off! (Thank goodness!)

Christmas Eve Services: We have a tradition that after the Christmas Service we take a picture together. These are some from 2007. Last year was the last year we will get our photo because this year I will start a new tradition with my soon to be Husband, and I think I will miss this picture more than anything else on Christmas Eve.

From Hannah’s Wedding, Mine in 3 weeks, and now Mollies! This is where it gets crazy, we are not old enough to be getting married, especially Hannah who was the first. I know we are in our Mid 20s, but I still feel like we would be watching the Hills, listening to NSYNC or playing sand volleyball at church... Where’d the time go? 

God has blessed me beyond measures with a best friend like Mollie! From playing on Wednesday nights in her mom’s office (To avoid child care) to mission trips, from slumber parties to weddings, she is without a doubt my best friend and she will always be My Dirty Little Secret! =)

And, I’m out!

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