Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Caroline

Happy Monday from the youngest, and soon-to-be last Lindstrom girl! While Mollie sipping something sweet in Punta Canta, her bridal party is takin’ over her blog (muhaha). 

It’s obvious why I was chosen for the bridal party, so I’m not going to share why Mollie means so much to me or mushy content like that. I’m saving sappy stuff for my speech/rap, whichever I decide to do at the wedding. Instead, I’m going to let y’all in on my own personal goals for the Trollie wedding!

Everyone knows I don’t mind being in the center stage, but let me preface I would never step into the stoplight on Mollie’s big day. There IS a sign on my door that reads, “My tiara is giving me a headache,” but I can toss that tiara for a day or two. (Unless Prince Harry is reading this, and in that case I need to show him how fabulous I look in a bedazzled headband)

I love Mollie (and Duck Dude) to Pluto and back can’t wait to help in all things wedding related.

Okay. Here we go. 
  1. Get the D.J. to play “That Good Ole Baylor Line” and watch all the Aggies shutter
  2. Photobomb a serious picture of Mollie and Trav looking “lovingly into each others eyes”  
  3. Make the audience laugh AND cry with my speech (Marili always cries, so I’m really just focused on the laughing part)
  4. Connivence a stranger I was adopted, and use Hannah’s Facebook album titled “My adopted sister” as proof
  5. Get a picture of all the groomsmen and myself
  6. Catch the bouquet and pass it off because 100% no thank you to getting married next
  7. Sneak D-Mommy into the car the newlyweds leave in 
  8. Make a fool of myself on the dance floor
  9. Pull a prank on Duck Dude with my cousins
  10. Exchange my heels for slippers, and I ain’t talking about the glass kind
  11. Take a picture like this
  12. Or maybe this
  13. Give audience members scorecard to rate the first dance.
  14. Quote The Princess Bride on a microphone “and lahhve, truuu lahhve”
  15. Carry a toy frog Hannah gave to me several years ago, and kiss it whenever I’m asked to take a picture. Fingers crossed Prince Charming finally shows up

I give Mollie the power to veto two of my goals. Choose wisely, sister. 

(Or you can veto all of them because it’s your wedding and I’m not actually going to impose my personal goals over your sanity)

Lil’ Lindstrom, over and out. 

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