Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I have a confession. I have a lot of gray hair. 

Everyone's first reaction is, "oh please, you're so young," however, my mom was almost completely gray by 30. So I don't have those wonderful genes on my side. I've been coloring my hair for the last 5 years. I go every 5/6 weeks. My appts are booked up to 6 months out every time. Especially, when I leave to go on vacation in 5 days. 

So, imagine my surprise when my hair stylist texts me a couple weeks ago and says, "Mollie, I am going to have some plastic surgery."

{insert freak out moment of holy cow I'm gonna have gray hair while in then Dominican Republic}

Then she says, "But I know you have your vacation coming up, so would you mind sitting on the floor and I'll do your hair, then you can wash it out at home, because I can't stand up for very long."

Whaaat? She does know me! She clearly has a plan. So I respond with, "I will do whatever you need."

Yesterday, I went. I saw her awesome body suit she's in right now. She put some color on and I was about to walk out the door when I noticed a strange sight in Texas, in July. There was a torrential down pour outside. Raining cats and dogs annnd fish and hamsters. 

I turned my colored hair self back around and walked back to my stylist's room. Ummm, Anna? It's pouring outside. "Like, rain pouring?" Yes! "Oh weird.... hold on, I have a plastic cap."

She hands me a plastic cap, I throw it on my head, and she just starts laughing. Which kind of hurts her right now. Tells me I look like a grandma, and she wishes she could ride home with me, and sends me on my way. 

But it's all ok, because my hair is nice and gray-less.

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