Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Traditions

It's Friday the 13th and the day before Valentine's Day!! That's always an excellent combination when you teach 7th graders. Don't believe me? Here's the convo I just had:

7th grade boy: "Um, are earrings a good gift?"
Me: "Yeah! Absolutely!"
7th grade boy: "Ok, cause I bought 100 dollar earrings."
Me: "ohhh, for who?"
7th grade boy: "Someone"
Me: "Your mom?"
7th grade boy: After glaring at me, "No.... not... my... mom!"
Me: "A girl?"
7th grade boy: Still glaring... "Yes! Of course a girl! I don't buy 100 dollar earrings for a boy!"
Me: "Do I know her?"
7th grade boy: "Yes!!!!! 

Valentine's Day. 

We are not super Valentine's day people... but I do enjoy the little tradition we have started! For Valentine's day we do something with a fantastic group of people! We go on a triple date with Duck Dude's sister (sister Laura) and Naked Nick and our family friends Natalie and Dallas!

Last year we went to hibachi and the chef flung an egg at me, but we still had a fantastic time!! See?

This year, we have decided to go to Top Golf!!! Top Golf is this virtual golf driving range and it's fun. Even for girls who don't golf! Here's what it looks like:

Each golf ball is microchipped and you hit it and, ideally, it goes into one of those nets with the flags! Then you get certain points for getting it into nets that are closer to the flag!! Or, if you're me you just roll the golf ball into the outside of the yellow flag right in front of you! Then they serve food and drinks and it's just a grand 'ol time!! 

I'm also super excited to introduce Natalie and Laura to a different Valentine's day tradition... but you don't get to know until Monday, because that would ruin the surprise! 

Have a marvelous Friday and a very Happy Valentine's Day!!

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