Wednesday, February 11, 2015

20 Questions with Duck Dude

A little while back, one of the bloggers I read consistently had just gotten engaged and did a little segment called 20 questions with her fiance. And I thought to myself, self, that's an excellent idea!! Duck Dude would love to do a question segment!! And that's how this little thing was born. Now it's 4 weeks later and I have finally gotten around to asking him the questions! He's such a good sport! :) His answers are in black... my comments are in purple.. because it's Valentine's day-ish. 
1. What do you really think about blogging?
Oh man! I think it's a unique way to document your life with a main purpose with a whole bunch of strangers able to read it. It think its creative and very ..... Backspace through I think it's creative. I think it's a talented gift. Pretty accurate if you ask me, except the backspacing through creative part.
2.How do feel about posing for a million photos with me? 
I think I'm very photogenic, not as photogenic as you (good catch there, babe) but I love being in front of the camera and in front of the spotlight, duh.
3. Do you think blogging is going to be around for awhile?
Hmmmmm. To me, a new way to post your life story and I believe it will eventually be outdated by new and more modern. Interesting, because to me, blogging has been around for forever, way back to the xanga days. 

4. What do you want people to know about you?
I'm a catch. He always says this. I'm very sincere and genuine,.. But very protective and competitive all at the same time.... and I like the bachelor Also very true! But it's super great to discuss Bachelor theory with your fiance... it's good for our relationship.
5.  How often do you really read my blog?
I check it twice a day... Or sometimes three times a day because you don't always post at 10:30 ... He knows when my conference period is.
6. Who do you like more- me or Koal?
Sorry there was some static... Can you repeat the question? No there wasn't. Who do you like more - me or Koal? Koal was my first love, then there was a time when I liked you both the same.. Then there came a time in my life where you became most important... insert really big pause. However if I locked you both I'm a trunk for four hours... I know who would be most excited to see me. Mom, he just said he's going to lock me in a trunk. Good thing my beneficiary is still you.
7. What did you notice about me the first time we went on a date?
I remember very clearly,.. Your knowledge of sports and you quickly corrected me and said " if I had a dollar for every guy that's told me that." And what did that make you think?
I remember thinking not to make a big deal about, the fact that you know sports. That's cool. I didn't know all that... or remember saying that.

8. Were you nervous when you proposed to me? 
Absolutely!! If you couldn't tell I was shaking.. It was because we were in the swells and I couldn't get you to not take pictures of the sunset for the blog, obviously and just sit still and listen to the song!!!

9. How long did you have the ring? 
2 weeks prior 

10. What are you most looking forward to about living with me? 
Besides the romantical things? Someone to come home to and cook with and wind my day down with... Besides koal since she's now number two! But number 2 in both of our hearts! ... until we have a baby. Probably. If I'm guessing. And that won't be anytime soon, so she's good for a while. 

11. How bad were your answers for the "Match Travis' Answers" portion of my bachelorette party?
 On a scale from 1-10..... I think the questions wrong... It should be how good were my answers. Except for the Charlie Sheen answer... for his "celebrity dad" answer he picked CHARLIE SHEEN!!! ...  I'd give myself a 7 out of 10. 

12. Which post do you like the most that I've written? 
Double date duck hunt post 
Except there wasn't a dddh2k14 and now I'm bitter.

13. What do you like most about Texas? 
The exceptionally good food, the genuineness of everyone who lives here, the weather, and the really good lookin women No arguments there

14. How big of a bridezilla have I been while being engaged? 
Question #15.. oh just answer it I think you've done well. I've seen some inner woman times while planning a wedding... but I think you've done well while sometimes being frustrated with the process. so politically correct.

15. What do you think about this post? 
Right now I'm pretty nervous...  I'm afraid you're going to take my answers and make me sound dumb! I'm literally just typing what you're saying!

16. What's your favorite part about being engaged? 
Introducing you to people as my fiancé and getting to plan the honeymoon honeymoooooon. So excited.

17. What color should I paint my nails for our wedding day? 
Well being the observant person i am.. I noticed they're blush pink. So blush pink... But an extravagant answer would be camo I like this part... because they're actually not a blush pink. They're just a solid neutral. The blush pink colors were too girly.

18. What's the first thing you're going to do when we get to St. Lucia? 
Put away my swimsuit and go to the pool bar with my bride and get a cocktail I'll second that

19. What color do you think my wedding dress is? 
Some shade of white?? Cream? I didn't know there were different colors. You keep saying pink, but I don't think it's pink. It's hot pink.

20. What do you want to say to all of the other boys behind the blog out there? 
As long as these women are talking you in their blog, it means you still have a special place in their heart...... And don't agree to do 20 questions!!!! Ohhh it wasn't that bad.... right?! 

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
24 Days!!! 


  1. This is absolutely awesome!! What a fun idea, and I love your comments afterwards, too :) I love how excited you two are for that honeymoon!! Thanks for linking up with us this week.

    1. :) You can definitely expect a link up with lots of honeymoon pictures!!! ha

  2. This is a great post! I think I'll use it in a few weeks with my fiancé as well ;) Thanks for linking-up with us!

    1. ha thanks!!! It was so fun listening to his answers! Some I expected, and some surprised me!! You should absolutely do it!!