Thursday, February 5, 2015

The One Time I Dropped My iPhone in the Toilet...

Here is your fair warning that this post contains a lot of, well, .... bathroom talk. 

I never, ever, ever go to the bathroom with my phone in my pocket! I've heard too many horror stories of it falling out and into the toilet! I am way smarter than that! I would never want to put my precious, iPhone 6 in the predicament of being water damaged.

So, here's my iPhone toilet story:

Last night I had an hair appt/lash appt. So, I don't make it back to my mom roommate's house until around 8 pm. We walk into the house at the exact same time!!! Like seriously, it was really cool! I said hello to the little black weenie dog and then mom roommate took her out to go potty. I thought to myself, I should go to the potty too! So I walked to the bathroom. 

I took a picture of myself. My lashes. Not myself using the restroom. And sent it to my family group text, while letting them know I was, indeed, using the restroom during the picture. (Don't worry new family... it will be a while before you get one of those. I think. But you never know!) So then, I set my phone on the counter, stand up, and set off to go eat the taco soup and gluten free corn bread that my mom roommate made.... when it happened. 

I somehow managed to side-swipe my phone right off the counter and straight. into. the. toilet. which was still filling back up from me flushing it seconds before. I screamed loud enough to make my mom roommate come running and then I did the only thing possible. I stuck my hand in and got it. I grab the nearest towel and start drying it off. I take the case off. and start shaking it, trying to get the water out. 

My mom/roommate in the meantime is yelling, "Take the battery out!!! I'll get the rice!!" And I calmly inform her that it's not like the old Nokias, you just can't pop the back of it off to get to the battery!! That's when I hear the next logical thing. 

"Hey siri, what do you do when your iphone falls in the toilet?"
.... "I'm sorry. There were no results to match your search."
"Uh oh... Siri doesn't know." 

But I did some googling, and went with my next best option. Using my mom/roommate's ghetto washing machine. Ya see, my mom's washer has a little broken part, so it rattles quite a bit... which is apparently good for iPhone's that have water in them because it shakes it out? Either way, I washed a blanket and put my iPhone on top of the washer....... and I prayed. I prayed a lot. 

And IT WORKED!!!! 

I have a working iPhone 6!!! I'm not sure if I owe it to fox like reflexes, the ghetto washer, or praying to 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus... but I am so thankful!!!

And that's the story of the one time I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. 

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
30 Days!!!!


  1. I have to agree; no one would ever wish for their mobile phone to fall in the toilet bowl or anything that contains water on it. But accidents do happen. It was a good thing that you had fast reflexes, and you were able to fish it out immediately. But I still hope that you had it checked, just to be sure its 100% damage-free.

    Clara Brooks @ TelcoWorld

  2. Hi! I have never done that. I bet that was a stressful time trying to get your phone to work. At least you got to work and know what to do if it have happens again. My mother doesn't have an iPhone, but she has dropped her phone in the toilet a few times.

    Alison Henderson @ Expert Computer Repair Philadelphia