Tuesday, February 17, 2015

You're Pearfect!

Good Tuesday morning!!! I have made it here today and I am so excited!  Mainly because I inserted a tease on Friday and didn't make it here yesterday to follow up!! Teacher training days are super thrilling and mean I cannot just blog whenever I want. :) 

Anyways, so where we left off! I talked about a little tradition I have started. I started it with my sisters and now I'm extending it to our Valentine's traditions! It's simple, but it's one of my favorite things. A home made card. 

For Ms Natalie who loves her ice cream every night!

For sister Laura who thinks pizza is a food group!

For my red head and blonde sisters..... thanks to a little inside joke from the bachelorette party and some random pears that existed. :)

 Then, Travis and got our official marriage license!! And only because someone thought that meant we went to the courthouse and got married over the weekend...... that's not what that means. It means our pastor can fill that out and send it into the courthouse for official documentation of our marriage..... on March 7th. 

Then we did some Top Golf and had a marvelous time! I was running a little late that morning, so I quite literally air dryed my hair on the way there!  Front seat, windows down, that's the way I like to... dry my hair.

 It was an absolutely perfect day, with perfect people, and it all went by so fast!! Apparently the boys were too busy golfing because I actually did not get a real picture with them! Just the gals... on Galentine's Day.

And just like that we are down to only 2 more weekends separating us and the Trollie Wedding!! Amazing, huh? Now I gotta go look at programs!! 

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
18 Days!!!!

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