Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lent 2015

If you've been around here for a little bit, you might remember my lent-less post from last year. In college, I started participating in lent for the sole reason I thought it was a good challenge to give up something.  It started with facebook, moved on to french fries, bread, and then there was last year. 

I couldn't think of anything good to "give up." So, I decided to "give" something instead. It was going to be super great. I was going to mail out a card each day to someone I was praying for! ...... Until I failed miserably. I think I sent out one.. maybe two cards all lent long. And that would just be a crazy idea to try this year... because. wedding. And I'll be in St. Lucia for a week. #humblebrag 

So.. I'm at a stand still. I've pretty much given up gluten all year... so I didn't want to do that.. giving up diet coke, especially before the wedding, wouldn't be good for anyone around! I was about ready to go lent-less again... until a student teacher caught my ear yesterday. 

We were sitting in lunch and she said she was giving up baking for lent. I thought, my brand new husband, probably would not be a fan of that idea. At all. No, no.. that's not good. It was the next thing she said that caught my attention. She said, "I'm also giving up social media past 9 pm." 

Ohhhh. Social media. How often do you crawl into bed and then decide to just peruse facebook for a second? Twitter is my down fall. I can look at twitter all night if I need to. Oh, and Instagram's "search" page brings up the most random, weirdly connected people to me!! Like high school people I haven't thought of in 9 years... how do you know that Instagram?! And then, all of a sudden... it's 30 minutes later and I wanted to already be asleep!

Or, I could spend that time in a more productive manner... like reading! I'm reading the blog book club book and it's fantastic and so intriguing... Why wouldn't I spend 30 more minutes reading rather than twittering? It just sounds like such a better way to end my night! 

Heck, let's be honest, why wouldn't I spend 30 more minutes knocking out 5 thank you cards?!

All of this to say, I know I can spend my time more wisely at night. So, for lent... I will be giving up social media after 9 pm with an intent of using that time to better myself! 

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
16 Days!!!!!

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