Wednesday, March 26, 2014


One time, in college, someone challenged my good friend Holly and me. They said, “Holls and Molls, I bet you cannot go a month without facebook.” And I said, “I guarantee you I can.” That’s when the challenge was formed. Even though neither Holly nor I were catholic, we were gonna give up Facebook for lent.

It was the easiest challenge I’d ever done. What did I win? A whole lotta pride.

So then the next year came along and I thought to myself, I ought to challenge myself again! At this point, I was still playing volleyball and ate like a horse. So I cut out beef. Which was a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. I love chicken now, but back then I would have picked a hamburger over grilled chicken sandwich 11 out of 10 times.

The next year came along, and I cut out French fries. Hard.

The next year came along, and I cut out bread. Hardest.

The next year came along, and I cut out vegetables. Kidding.

So when lent came around this year, I decided I was done with the whole cutting out food thing and wanted to do something different. My mom said cut out coffee, I said that would be dumb because I’d just replace it with diet coke. My boyfriend said cut out diet coke, and I asked him why he wanted me dead. I read about cutting out texting, and while I thought that was interesting, it’d make my school days a lot more boring.

So I decided on intentionally praying for people. And when I would pray for someone, I would also send them a hand written card to brighten their day. It would help me out with the revolutions I made waaay back in January

But I have failed miserably.

I’ve sent one card. All of lent. So, I’m basically lent-less. And that makes me a little sad. Maybe I’ll try again next year? Or maybe I’ll give up bread again. 

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