Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Conquered - Sing

Well, I didn't have to go to actual class yesterday, so I missed class in the blogosphere as well! But really, that's ok. Because now there's only 4 days until Spring Break, and Open House and 1 track meet to get through! And we get to have weekend recap on a Tuesday... just roll with it! 

Sing, at Baylor University is a huge deal. Like huge. I never really know how to describe it.. but it makes me happy. Giddy happy. My little zebra was fantastic. Kappa made Pigskin (the top 8 acts) and they won best song selection! 

Then there was wedding bliss on Saturday with one of my best childhood friends! And I got to see other childhood friends and it was marvelous! Did I mention we looked swanky? And why do we not use swanky more often in the English language?

Then it went from 80 degrees to 28 degrees. For real. And it sleeted and snowed and I took a couple naps on the couch. Then school was cancelled and I got to have a coffee shop date with my Duck Dude. 

I would definitely say the weekend was conquered. 


  1. I have a coworker who went to Baylor, I need to ask her about Sing because it looks awesome! I'm in Corpus Christi & the 40 degree temperature drop in just a couple of hours on Sunday was horrible! I went from running around in shorts & flip flops to sweats & slippers!

    1. You really should ask her about it! It's an extravagant tradition, but so much fun!! And I am definitely ready for some consistent warm weather!! I might need to head to Corpus!