Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boys Smell Bad

I enjoy March Madness. 
I like it because I like filling out a bracket and jumping on bandwagons and acting like I've watched certain teams all year when in reality I've never seen a game. I like it because I can name my bracket "I miss college football" and people know I'm completely serious. I like it because it gives me an excuse to not grade papers because I "have to watch this game." 

I do not love it. 
I don't get so overly invested that I will cry when a team loses. I do not want to pay money to watch my bracket fall to pieces because I picked all the Big 12 teams to go far. I do not want to explain to people I actually did pick Wofford over Michigan St because "Woff" reminds me of dogs and I like dogs. And I do not like losing to boys. 

Which brings me to this very last minute idea. 

I created a pool for only girls on yahoo's tourney pick em. Where we can pick teams based on their colors or mascots and we can laugh when Michigan St beats Wofford by 27. So I bring to you my pool name and password: 

Pool : Boys Smell Bad
Password: cooties

So if you feel like joining in, do so, just click the pool name and it will take you right to it!! You just have to have your picks in by tomorrow night!!!! I told you it was last minute.  And get ready to cheer like a madwoman for Wofford whatever team you choose!! 

Happy Madness.

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  1. OMG I LOVE THIS! I always fill out a bracket too! I"m looking into your bracket & I may just join in!