Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Goal: Shorts

I planned one day out of Spring break to be a shopping day. I picked the coldest day of the week to go to the Allen Premium Outlets. My thinking was, I wouldn't want to be doing anything outside, so that would be my day to go! Then Duck Dude's sister got off work and she met me there! 

I had one goal for the day: shorts. 

I feel like I'm in that weird stage where I do not want to look like a college student in my slutty shorts, however I also do not want to look like I'm 55 with shorts down to my knees. It's a weird place to be, and I needed some shorts that understood me and said "you look super sophisticated, but you're still in touch with style." 

We went into JCrew to start and I am so glad we did. Their 3 in Chino shorts are the perfect style for me. You can click on the link to go to their actual website, but at the outlet mall, they were $40 and 40% off of that. For those of you who do not enjoy doing math in your head. That's $24 for shorts! I got 3 colors - kelly green, navy, and a denim stripe that I love!


Then I got these two shirts as well! The first one is a neon orange that freaked my camera out! It will be perfect with white pants for vacation! The second is a tank top that was super comfy and will probably be great with those navy shorts I bought!

Then we went into Under Armour. Seriously, all about shorts. And since I'm working out and all a coach, I always need work out clothes. I bought the best shorts ever. I have the shorts on the left and I like them. However they're super flappy. That's my term for if you were standing and a gust of wind blew, they are so loose you might show some cheek. The ones on the right are the ones I bought. They are called the Perforated Great Escape and I am so happy Duck Dude's sister convinced me to get them in pink and black. They are $30 on the website, but were marked at $25 for 25% off. Non math people, $18.74, to be exact. 

Then Duck Dude's sister and I treated ourselves to lunch for a job well done and I went off to the mall to see if I could get my phone fixed. There was an hour wait, so I obviously had to go to Victoria's Secret. I walk in and there is a sale on swimsuits! I just knew I had to try some on. Between gift cards and the sale, I barely spent any money in there! Here's what I came out with: 

Then, the next day, when the weather decided to be back up to 70... I did this.

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