Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mollie Pocket

With my super cool and awesome redesign… I got to add a signature to the bottom of my posts. I decided I should probably explain where “Mollie Pocket” comes from and why you now get to see it almost every day!

It all started with Naked Nick. You read that correctly. Naked Nick is Duck Dude’s brother in law and he got his wonderful nickname the day he first met Duck Dude’s parents. Naked Nick was sitting at the dining room table naked…. With a towel around him.. when the parents walked in. His swimsuit was in the dryer because he didn’t want to sit on their furniture with a wet swim suit. So he was really left with no choice, but to introduce himself naked. From then on he’s been Naked Nick.

There's Naked Nick on the far left!! And there's my long hair!!
My guess is, he didn’t want me to feel left out so he decided to give me a nickname. I’m not actually sure where it even started.. but he started calling me “Mollie Pocket.” I’ve had a lot of nicknames growing up: Ollz, Molls, Ollzer, Miss Mollie, Good golly miss mollie, etc. But Mollie Pocket is not one that had ever been used. I’m not even sure I played with polly pockets growing up, but I liked it and it stuck.

Of course, now, most of the time the Mollie is not even said. It’s just “pocket.”

So, signing off as,   

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