Friday, March 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Today I'm linking up over here for Five on Friday for the first time ever! Woo! I think I've got a good list though! So here we go! 

My bracket took a couple hits yesterday. And by hits, I mean, I'm 10 for 16. Yikes. But no worries... my Baylor Bears play today and I've already promised my students if they finish their quiz early, we can watch the game on the projector. #coolteacher #brainwashing

I painted my nails last night and I'm kinda in love with them. Matte pink and gold glitter. To me this says "I'm ready for some gamblin!!!" 

I'm gambling for the first time ever this weekend (do not worry mom, I'll be smart!) Duck Dude and his mom are ready to teach me and I'm pretty excited to learn! I'm just hoping beginner's luck is a real thing!! I've never been known to have a good poker face. 

Opening Day is in TEN days!!! And since my bracket's name is "I miss college football" the least the sports world can do is begin baseball season! It's a pretty dang good tide me over! Boys in tight pants, who's complaining?

Happy birthday to Duck Dude's sister!!!! It is Friday and it is celebration time!!! I am so glad you decided to have a birthday this weekend! :)


  1. I'm 10/16 too! I didn't realize when I filled it out I would be so obsessive over checking it! I could care less about watching the actual games unless it's Wichita State but I literally check my bracket every hour! I am SOOOOO ready for baseball to begin! There is nothing better than sitting in a stadium with a beer in hand & people watching all while viewing cute butts in tight pants! I must so though, Go St. Louis! Love my Cardinals!

    Have a great weekend & good luck gambling!!!

    1. haha it's so funny how obsessive you can get even though I've watched 3 whole games all season! However, I watch about 50 times that for baseball season! I'll forgive your love of the cardinals because of your love for baseball! :)