Monday, March 24, 2014

Viva La Shreveport

I'm back!! And I survived! And I had a magnificent time! 

The weekend started off with Duck Dude picking me up and telling me he got me a lucky charm! I opened up a pandora bracelet with a shamrock charm on it! It's very similar to this one, but minus the green things on the sides! And the best part was.. it did bring me good luck all throughout the weekend!

The first night we played roulette. I watched for a little while, sized up the table and finally got the nerve to get on. We had so much fun since it was all our group on one table! The dealer loved us, especially Naked Nick, and the pit boss ended up giving all 8 of us a $20 voucher to the diner which we used for lunch the next day! 

The next day the parent showed up, a couple more friends got there, and we headed back to the tables. This time Duck Dude's dad wanted to take me to blackjack. I said ok, we sat down and started talking. All of a sudden, the dealer says "Ya know, my fiance is 17 years older than me, too!" Duck Dude's dad just went with it and when the dealer left the table she told everyone good luck, but a double good luck to us. Shortly after she left, Duck Dude came up to the table and we spilled the beans to everyone else sitting at the table. Duck Dude's dad said, "This is my son's girlfriend... and I never lied. She just assumed." Which was all very true. 

We got ready for the night and jumped in cars to head to Superior Bar and Grill. A fantastic little Mexican food place. 

We had a group of 16 and not many of us have quiet personalities. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night because I was laughing so hard, so often. There were napkin bras and Naked Nick's dad looking precious, and then there was the bathroom situation. Duck Dude's sister, Naked Nick's mom, and I went to the bathroom together in group girl style. We had never been there so someone pointed out the way to the restrooms. We walk through one door and I see what I assume are two stalls. I tell Naked Nick's mom she can go first. That's about the time when Duck Dude's sister screams "We're in the MENS!!!!!" I turn around and take off running much to the dismay of a gentleman who walked in behind us. Naked Nick's mom starts yelling "No we're not!!!" Turns out the two "stalls" that I saw were actually the mens on the right and the womens on the left. We laughed and laughed at ourselves and then told everyone our story once we got back to the table!

We had such a fun night! Stayed up way too late! But made a lot of memories! I think Duck Dude's sister had a great birthday and I think it's safe to say if Duck Dude has a work meeting in Shreveport that he needs me to accompany him to, I'd be willing to go!

Is it Friday yet?