Friday, February 28, 2014

Toast to February

It's that time again! The time where we Toast to [insert month]. A time where we can acknowledge all the small details that might not have needed an entire post, but deserve a little attention on this space of webz. 

Here’s to hyper elite socks. Whoever created those deserves an award. They make me want to pay $20 bucks for socks. But looook how pretty my feet looked at the track meet yesterday!!

Here’s to Drita. Because I love Mob Wives, but I’m really glad I’m not one.

Here’s to my boyfriend for not getting me one piece of chocolate for Valentine’s Day…. It’s like he knows me. I always worry when people that know me get me chocolate…. Knowing I won’t eat any of it. ???
Here’s to MTV for sucking an upper 20s back into their programming. Are You the One has such an interesting premise to it!! Would you recognize your perfect match if they were right in front of you? I’d say I probably do not have a good track record.

Here's to day trips with D-mommy. Or my grandmother for those of you new around here. Little road trips are a perfect time to talk about everything under the sun. Including what she would do if the bridge gave out and we fell into the water below, real talk.

Here’s to teacher friends. Specifically teacher friends who tutor rich people and get me autographs. Say hello to my newly obtained Rusty Greer baseball cards. These babies are going in a safe!!!!


There's officially 5 days left of school before Spring Break. As always, I'm not sure who is more excited.... because it would take a lot to top my level of happiness. Bring it on March!

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