Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinterest Vacation

It's happened. This week I officially made a "Vacation Inspiration" board on Pinterest. So I'm terribly sorry for all the people who want to punch me in the face for the non stop pins of swimsuits, long maxi skirts, and beaches. I think I've reached the point where I am ready for summer. There's only 12 weeks left in the school year, only 4 weeks left until the STAAR test, and then it's basically over for me! Another school year down. So we might as well start talking vacation now. 

It's also simultaneously re-motivated me to look more like the girls in the swimsuits and less like the girl cramming Mexican food down her throat 4 days a week. Except for today because I have a meeting at La Hacienda.... so I have to eat Mexican food, duh. 

I'm feeling a mix of swimsuits.. gotta switch up the tan lines, ya know? But these are some I've pinned so far: 

The one on the left is only $179, so that's reasonable. #pinterestdream

I really want a back like this one. And then of course, every basic color there is possible so I can make a mathematical equation about how many different combinations of swimsuits I could make! 

As far as outfits go, I'm all about the maxi skirts on the beach. 


I'm not sure about the sandals on the left, but they're growing on me! And I already have everything for the outfit on the right! And the bottom one just screams BEACH!!! 

Right now, my biggest dilemma is deciding what kind of hat I want and if I'll actually wear it on the beach. My next biggest dilemma is when to start my day countdown!!!!!!! 

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