Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Digital Win!

Applications always make me nervous. Even though I blog almost daily, I feel like I'm not a good writer. It might be because I'm a math teacher. It might be because growing up English teachers either absolutely hated or absolutely loved my writing - and I think it somehow forced me to be self-conscious about my writing. 

So when I decided to apply for a digital classroom, I had about four other digital teachers check my application. Did it sound ok? Did I sound too harsh (cause my mom tells me I'm harsh)? Did I sound too blunt? Did I do enough explaining of why I wanted a digital classroom? Was my "why wouldn't I want a digital classroom?" too snarky... but I didn't mean it as snarky.. I was completely serious. 

On the time table they gave us they talked about student interviews, collection of artifacts, and twitter chats, with the notification of acceptance on May 1st. So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email yesterday stating I had been selected to have a digital classroom!!! Everyone said I had nothing to worry about, but how embarrassing would that have been if I would not have gotten it when everyone thought I would! It just stressed me out more! 

So next year, I will have a class set of iPads in my room!! All day, e'erday!!! I won't have to go through the hassle of trying to secure them from the library and I can use them any time I want!!! I still have to go through all the trainings, but I am so excited to have been selected! I cannot wait to see how it is going to enhance and improve my classroom!

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