Thursday, February 27, 2014

Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan and I have never had much in common. 
He smokes a lot of weed.. I don't. 
He makes a lot of movies that I don't think are that funny. I'd rather watch Mr. Darcy a million times over than Superbad. 
I don't think we would be friends if we met randomly on the street. 

However, as of last night, I have a lot of respect for him. Because it can't be easy to get up and speak in front of a Senate hearing; and it really can't be easy to talk about such a serious matter such as Alzheimer's in front of a Senate hearing.

I appreciated the way he didn't act like he did this every day. 
I appreciated the way he looked almost nervous reading off of his sheet of paper. 
I appreciated the way he addressed the common misconception that Alzheimer's only affects really old people... in more of a "oh they're just senile" type of way. 
I really appreciated how he talked about the "shame" stigma that is associated with the disease. Simply raising awareness is a huge part of gaining research funding. 
I appreciated he also brought awareness to the cost of taking care of Alzheimer's patients. The cost is outrageous. 
I loved the amount of people wearing purple in the room. The official color of Alzheimer's. 
And I love that this happened the same week that BvB announced that this summer our goal is 400,000 dollars. 

Thank you Seth Rogan. You're ok in my book.  

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