Friday, February 14, 2014

What I Love About Mom

My mom has been banished from this blog forever!!!! Fine, just for today. That's only because I will not see her until tomorrow and today is all about her.. and what we're giving to her for Valentine's Day. It's this little book that I bought after Christmas and it's perfect for her. It's called What I Love About Mom. 

Then I had a thought. I wanted the three of us girls to fill them in! I will put our initial in the bottom corner so she knows who filled it in. If it’s one we all three agree upon, I’ll put a three in the corner. And that's when I knew it was going to be good! I cannot wait to see her reaction (hint #47). I color coded the document for y'all! I am in purple. The red head is in red. The blonde is in blue (because she's a Kappa). And all three of us are in green... because that's our favorite color! Here are some of my favs!

What I love about Mom

1. I love your laugh.
2. I love hearing stories about your college pranks/boyfriends.
4. I love it when you call me FBBG… cause I am. (that's first born baby girl blogworld)
5. I’m humbled by your desire to serve others first.
6. I love remembering the time we went New York with the Chapmans.
7. I’m thankful I got your red hair.
9. I hope to be as considerate as you one day.
10. I am so thankful that we all love musicals.
11. I love how you never judge me for my weird tangents.
13. When I was little I loved to watch you produce magic in the kitchen.
14. If I had to describe you in one word, it’d be Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. (remember that one real long answer the red head and I came up with... this was it!)
15. I’d love it if we could camp together soon. (the red head and I agreed)
16. If you were a dance, you’d be the Signature arm Dance. (this is a mom thing, but it's pretty great!)
18. You have the prettiest calves. (but really, my mom's calves are awesome)
21. You are is so kind. You are is so smart. You are is so important.
22. If you were a scent, you’d be leather aka the horse barn.
24. Sometimes your ability to find the positives amazes me.
25. It makes me laugh to think how you defend yourself from tickle fights. (she goes with the flail all about approach)
26. I’d be lost without your guidance.
27. I love that you taught me how to respect others.
28. You make the best banana pudding ever.
29. I love how good you are at your middle school cheers.
30. When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about Heidi.
33. I love your taste in old, classic movies.
35. If you wanted to, you could easily beat me in a spelling competition.
37. I love that Brighton perfume you used to wear.
38. I admire your dedication to share the gospel at the Olympics.
39. You deserve the supermom award.
41. I love that you love my husband.
42. I love to play SkipBo with you.
43. I still can’t believe you fall asleep so quickly in your chair.
44. I love it when you laugh like a hyena.
45. I love how you have such strong faith.
47. It makes me smile when you cry when you are happy.
48. I love to sing for you.
49. Nobody else can handle the three of us like you.
50. Thank you for being a Godly example.

I love you, mom.

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!!!

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