Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I feel Depresso

... just kidding!!! I found the perfect saying for our coaches office. It was a necessity. We have a keurig in our office that is used more than the shower. Also just kidding, we don't use the shower. The keurig is loved about as much as I love my hairspray. Both are morning non-negotiables. So I decided to dabble in wooden letters and play around! 

This project took me all of a couple hours to complete! It was super easy and when I presented it to all the other coaches, they giggled with joy! 

I simply laid the letters out... made a couple Es and Fs from Bs and Rs. Painted the letters brown. Decided not to paint the tops of the letters.. because I liked the wood color. Added some mod-podged glitter to the sides, because we're navy and gold. and mod-podged the letters on! Added some more non symmetrical, non even glitter lines because I wanted to and ta-duhh!

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