Thursday, February 6, 2014

Real Snow!!!

It's snowing in Texas!!! And I know Chicago and New York and everywhere has had like a bajillion inches... but it's real snow.. not ice.. and we're freaking out here in Texas!!!!!!!!! Big, beautiful flakes!! And it is sooo pretty!!!  

I don't know why school hasn't been cancelled... I drove 20 miles an hour here.. and no one knows what to do!! Except sing Frozen. I've heard "do you want to build a snowman?" more times than I can count today. And "let it go"... which I love, but that's besides the point. 

Some of this sounds like I'm joking..... but I'm not. 

My kids do not want to work.. and frankly, neither do I. So instead of blogging today... I'm giving you two ridiculous pictures.. because I do not know how to smile and take pictures while it's snowing. But they do include Starbucks.. so it's super blogger-y. You're welcome.  


  1. "You're welcome," she says. Texans . . .

    Came from chilly Ohio to your blog trying to find tesellat* "queen of hearts" so I found an entry from 2011. The kid's take on my search terms gave me an idea. Putting a little something together to be my version of a wreath for St. Valentine's Day.

    Everybody's doing it. Try it.

    I wouldn't even need a snow shovel. I bet I could clear the path to your school and back with a spade.

    Texans . . .

    1. We're the first to admit we have no idea what we're doing! But hey! It's fun while it lasts!