Monday, February 3, 2014

Toast to January

Here’s to actually teaching five days. And I guess here’s to not teaching for 10 straight days in a row. My kids don’t need to learn. What is school for?

Here’s to polar vortexs. You’ve caused a lot of ruckus. Are you proud of yourself?

Here’s to my 8th grade history teacher. He showed up at a conference I was at and called me out in front of everybody. I made him feel old.

Here’s to my denim vest. I wore it more than any other piece of clothing in January. And I’m wearing it today… so this might be in the toast to February.

Here’s to Juan Pablo… for making January into Juanuary. I someday hope to change an entire month into all about me as well.

Here’s to NFL playoff football… for making me already want college football to start again.

Onto the month of love. Yak. In my mouth.

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