Monday, February 17, 2014

The Yoke’s on You

On Valentine’s Day I wrote about my mom… not my Duck Dude. I don’t do mushy real well and he’s totally fine with that! That being said, we decided to go out with his sister and bro in law, and another couple on Sat night for hibachi! That’s the way to do it! A good time with good people is perfect for us!

After driving around the parking garage for 20 minutes and doing some relaxation breathing practices while we were at it, we made it to the restaurant. We found Duck Dude’s sister and bro in law and got ready to watch some hibachi magic!

Everything was great, our chef had just taken his egg out and spun it calling it an “egg roll.” We all clapped and cheered. Then he started bouncing it on his spatula… and it all went awry.

The egg took a couple awkward bounces and before I knew it was coming right at me! So I did the only thing that my reflexes allowed me to do… I caught it. The only problem was when I caught it, my firm grasp (surely from all the working out I’ve been doing) crunched the egg right in my hand. In the meantime, the chef was still trying to recover and knocked my drink over with his spatula. Luckily, I did have a quick enough reaction time to move out of the way of that, all while holding this egg in my hand.

He immediately started the “I’m so sorrys” which I continued to get for the remainder of the night. It really was fine! I got my drink replaced, my raw egg chopsticks replaced, and hand sanitized my hands, so I was good to go!

Just when we had finished cleaning up Duck Dude’s sister turned to me and said, “Well, the yoke’s on you!” And the yoke was on me, but last time the 6 of us went out Duck Dude got salsa spilled all over him…. So we decided that his sister was next in line! Luckily we all love “interactive experiences” and I don’t think a couple spills will stop us from going out with each other!

Post yoke

Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!

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