Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jalapeno Peppers

Duck Dude and I decided to host a cook out on Sunday afternoon. It just felt like it was going to be a perfect, sit on the back porch and mingle with friends type of day. So we did. And it was. And the only thing that would have been better is if none of us had to go to work the next day, and the fire pit didn't stir up all 1000 of my allergies. But I'll continue....

So I decided to try out some stuffed jalapenos that have just been sitting on Pinterest waiting to be made. I, of course, kept the jalapenos, cream cheese, and cheese and then I modified just about everything else! Here's what I came out with! They were delicious and an excellent finger food appetizer. 

Of course, like the excellent blogger I am, I did not get an off the grill picture. So you're just going to have to use your best imagination skills as to the perfect crispiness of the bacon and the delightful crunch of the jalapeno! 

I think this is one of those recipes that you could change every time you make it! Three cheese jalapenos? Black bean jalapenos? Take it and do what you want with it!! 


  1. I love grilled poppers! I've never thought about adding corn to it for sweetness, that's a great idea. I always add shrimp & then roll them in bacon. It's amazing!

    New follower here! Excited to follow along!


    1. Ohh shrimp would definitely be fantastic! That's a great idea too!

      Thanks so much!