Friday, February 6, 2015

I Bought Honeymoon Swimsuits!!

I had one very important goal this week! Buy honeymoon swimsuits!!! Told you! Extremely important goal!! And now I will show you pictures of myself in swimsuits. Or models. Whichever.

I ended up buying from two locations/websites. Victoria's Secret and Target. I bought 5 tops and 4 bottoms. I love mixing and matching my swimsuits, so I thought about the pieces I already had and what would go with them! I also tried to pick a couple different pieces I wouldn't normally pick... like the neon citrus bottoms and ivory top! Not to go together... :)

Victoria's Secret
The Forever Halter top in Smoldering Navy
This is how I always stand when I'm swimming too

(My first pair of) Ruffle Cheeky in Neon Citrus

The Flounce Halter in Aqua Reef Sequins

The Flounce Midi in Sanded Ivory
Clearly I just got the top, because the bottoms wouldn't fit a 6 year old
And just normal black bottoms that I can't find any pictures of in Google images. 

Strappy Halter Bikini Top in Slate Gray
Navy Tropical just the Bikini Bottoms

Braided Halter - bottoms and top

And then tomorrow I get to PICK UP MY WEDDING DRESS!!!!! And then I get to go to the bank with my former quilt boss to pick out which of her stunning diamond earrings I want to wear for the wedding!!!!! Pretty cool huh??

See ya later week... I'm ready for the weekend!!!

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
29 Days!!!!

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