Monday, February 9, 2015

Flash Out with Your Lashes Out!

No? That's not a real thing? Well, we might as well make it one. Because I have made a discovery:

Eyelash extensions are everything. I so can't even. Like literally. 

They're absolutely as "basic" as it gets... but I'm so in love with them, I don't even care. 

Just check out that pre-lashes excitement!!

I see you lashes!!!



Why yes that big pink bag IS my wedding dress!!!! :) And I'm about to put it on in 4 hours to take some pretty pictures! Thank you for an absolutely perfect sunny and 74 degree day!!


Need I say more?

I don't have a hairbrush besides my teasing brush, but I now have a lashes brush... And I love to brush my lashes. Just to make sure they are all full and lovely. They flutter in the wind because they are so long. It was weird at first, but now it's just the norm. I feel like I can go places without make up now and people don't even look at me weird, because hi! you have pretty eyelashes! And they're busy working hard right now while I take bridal portraits.

Embrace the basic. 

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
26 Days!!!!

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