Friday, October 24, 2014

Pumpkin Friday

It's Friday!! Friday!! 

1. My Duck Dude is here at school with me!! He's talking to the AVID program about how he needed his college degree to obtain his job! And my Koal baby's here! So it is definitely a good Friday. 
Hi pumpkin!!!
(Get it?)
2. This weekend is filled with volleyball. A lot of volleyball. But that does mean free hospitality room food? Which is sometimes good, sometimes not... but I'm feelin good vibes today.

3. But after volleyball is over.... then I get to carve pumpkins!!!! And I am really excited about carving pumpkins. Except I am not artistic and my hand always hurts about 36 seconds into carving. Some ideas and not so much ideas I would love to do. 


A Harry Potter pumpkin!!! Or a spiderman pumpkin!!! Both would be super cool but require far much more patience than I will be willing to give. #honestyisthebestpolicy

This seems way more up my alleyway. Batman. 

4. But then after the carving comes my favorite part. Cooking the seeds!!! It's my favorite part! Last year we did woresthire seeds and cinnamon/sugar seeds, see here. Earlier this week I was looking at some garlic parmesean seeds and some pumpkin pie seeds... but who knows what we will actually end up making!! (Hint: stay tuned..)

5. Last night in between the volleyball game as we were switching sides, one of the opponents said to me, "Wow! Your hair is so silky and beautiful!!" And so, I'm feeling like this today.


  1. I've actually never cooked the seeds, but I hear they're delicious. Sounds like a fun weekend- enjoy!

  2. Wow, that Harry Potter pumpkin is amazing! I have never cooked the seeds before, but now I really want to!

    1. There are so many different options!! I love it!!