Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Need Cake!!!

Save the dates have been ordered!!! That’s right! I have made progress!

So no worries to Duck Dude’s friends who called him this week…. Thinking they weren’t invited to the wedding…. Because they had not received anything from us yet.

You will receive something in approximately… well the save the dates are supposed to be shipped on the 10th (Friday), which means I should get them sometime next week, and then I will probably have an addressing party next Saturday, and send them out the next Monday, the 20th?

Then, I will check that lovely little box off my to do list that says save the dates need to go out at 6 months…. Even though yesterday was 5 months. It will get checked and that’s all that really matters, right?

Andddd that’s not all folks. You heard me right, there’s more! Yesterday, I called a stranger. If you know me, that’s a big deal. I hate talking to strangers on the phone and become this insanely awkward person who does not even know how to talk. “Um, hi. Yes. Well, what I am wondering is…. Well what I need to know is…. Cake. I need cake. "I’M GETTING MARRIED MARCH 7th AND I NEED CAKE!!!!!”

Uh huh.. I made a phone call that luckily went better than what I was planning and made an appointment for Tuesday, November 25th at 10 am. I made sure it was ok if I waited that long, by asking not once, but twice, and I just think I am going to hope it’s good. Why so far away? They do not make appointments on Saturday, and I cannot afford to take a day off of school… especially during volleyball season.

And I’m working on flowers. I almost called a flower place yesterday, but decided calling one stranger a day was good enough. Actually, I looked up where the place was and it is way further than I originally thought it was. So, I am back in the hunt for a florist to use. And I for sure do not know what to say for that appointment. I NEED FLOWERS!! Or something like that. In the meantime, my sister has made me send her flower ideas, and this is what I have sent her so far. I like all of these, have no clue what flowers they are made of, and need someone to tell me if they are in season/out of season/should I use them/not use them. And all of that lovely stuff. Maybe next week I will call a florist. Maybe. 



  1. I still need a cake too! The place that EVERYONE back at home referred me to never got back to me so I can scratch them out because I do not handle poor customer service very well when these people are supposed to be in the service industry!. I know exactly what I want, how I want it to look, everything. I just need to find a place to make it! Your bouquets are very similar to what I have picked out with my florist! So so pretty!

    1. I'm glad to know my flowers are somewhat normal... as far as cake.. I have zero idea!!! So I really need someone who can lead me through everything!!!