Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Avocado Egg Rolls

I got a whim on Saturday. As I was looking for a certain recipe on pinterest that I had made before and Duck Dude had requested... I ran across a pic of egg rolls. I remembered seeing egg roll wraps at my grocery store for the first time and I thought self... we can do this. 

It's basically guacamole... which I could live on... in an egg roll. How hard could it be? ..... I have a whole new respect for egg roll makers. I will never eat an egg roll again without thinking of the person who made them. That might be a tad over-dramatic. I made them and they looked like egg rolls.... just not beautiful egg rolls. They looked like a person attempting to make egg rolls for the first time. 

Buuuut. They tasted good!! And that's reallllly all that matters, right? P.s. I used three avocados and made 8 egg rolls. 

I ate them with ranch. I'm sure there are plenty of other dressings you could make to go with them as well. I also think they would be perfectly fine all by themselves. Enjoy!

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