Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Invitations {Round Two}

The one thing I didn't think I would have trouble picking out? Invitations. Eh, it's a piece of paper that people are going to throw away... except for my mom. But, it's turning out to be a difficult decision. I just can't find one that seems to "speak" to me. I need the paper to talk!!!

So, on Sunday, I went to a new website and ordered some new samples. My favorites from this post are still in the running... but I am excited about this new batch coming in.. maybe one of these will say, "Hey Mollie! It's me! Order me since according to your checklist you were supposed to already have them and be 'checking for accuracy'."

Except this one. It's not in the running. I just wanted to see it in person. And Duck Dude told me it was his least favorite, which I already knew before even asking him. 

Alright, on to the other ones. These are ones I am actually considering. Duck Dude's favorite is at the end. I'm not sure if I have a favorite. They all look different in person. I don't really make my decision until I can hold them and see the details of each.

And his favorite out of the group... which did surprise me a little.

I think I'd like it more if I changed some of the colors to match ours (navy, gold, a touch of blush pink) a little better. Or that's what I've been thinking about... Help!! Why are invitations so hard??


  1. Oh my gosh we ordered SO MANY samples before finally choosing ours! Such a tough decision!

    1. Oh good!! That makes me feel better! ha I have felt just SO indecisive!!